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Basic marketing ideas for small businesses

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Advertising, Businesses, Marketing | Comments Off on Basic marketing ideas for small businesses

Many people fail to realize how hard is to advertise a product, or to be more precise, hot to successfully advertise a product or business. To make the marketing count you must create an advertising idea that will make your product or your service stand out from the hundreds of other similar businesses. In order to create a successful business, you will have to create a successful marketing idea, and there are some simple tips that will make this a lot easier.
No matter what you sell or what kind of service you offer, you will have a type of customer that will most likely bring you profit. The first step is to find out what kind of customer that is. Once you frame the customer that will use your services you will be able to focus the market on that kind of customer. All of this will lead to defining and positioning of the product and once that is done, the customers that need or want the product will find it a lot easier.

Surveys are also a good way to determine the customer type. You can create a survey and send it to your existing customers as well as random people. The survey should include info like a place of work, magazines that they read and similar things. Once you get the results of the survey you will find connections between your customers, and those connections can be used to attract new customers. In order to make the customers willing to fill out the survey, you can offer a discount after they do it.

You don’t have to advertise alone, you can do it along with other businesses. If you can tie your product or service with another product or service you can enter in joint advertising. This will cost less and there will be a place for advertising on the larger scale.

نمتتابيمبيبم-250x168Now, there are good and cheap advertising ideas and there are marketing ideas that will bring ruin to your business. Mailing is a gray area when it comes to marketing. If you limit yourself to your existing customers and send them emails when there are discounts and to offer them discounts for special occasions (their birthday for example) then mailing is a good advertising idea. But, if you spam the mail of your existing customers and other people then the mailing idea will backfire. People have spam mail and if you keep sending emails people will start to hate it, and even though they might need your service they will look for another business that provides same service as you do.

Price range is another gray area. If you set your prices below other competition then the customers might think that your product or service has less quality than the competition. If you set your prices above everyone else then it might frighten the customers. The point is to show the excellence of your business and only with that you will be able to keep your prices high and still get a new influx of customers.

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